An Underscore special edition,
Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase is a platform documenting and celebrating the discovery of a unique identity for Singapore as an emerging creative culture.

Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase aims to build a community of like-minded people, while expanding the creative landscape by gathering creatives, craftsmen and distributors.

Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase features a selection of people, studios and companies from the various creative fields of Art, Photography, Architecture, Interior, Product, Music, Graphic, Illustration, Interactive and Fashion.

Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase is a multiple channel platform set across various mediums.


A curated publication to present the creative culture of Singapore across its various disciplines. This printed publication features select creatives with interviews and quotes on their philosophy, design processes and representative work.

Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase is now available at the u store.

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The extensive website acts as a virtual supplement to the publication, featuring further in-depth content and work. It aims to provide a more complete experience with supporting video and audio content, research materials, interviews and additional images for featured articles.

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The film will document creatives in their environment, their philosophy, in-depth interviews, and statements from key personalities who are the genetic make up of Singapore as a creative culture, underscored by an audio soundtrack by featured musicians.

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Launch exhibitions to further engage and enhance the content of the book. The exhibition will showcase the unseen process of creatives from inception to finish, i.e. prototypes, sketches, behind-the-scenes, drawings. Along with scheduled intimate talks, Q&A sessions and a market place all scaled accordingly to travel to major international events and festivals.

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